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Contact Our Experts in Projects

Denn Sigauke BSc (Hons) – Projects Manager
Denn Sigauke (28) is a holder of a Bachelor of Science (Honors) degree in Land and Water Resources Management. He has been involved in the Company’s association with Platform Architects and Cosma Billa Design Studio. He has two and a half years of extensive experience in the fields of project management and architectural design and draughting.
Mr. Sigauke has extensive experience with Platform Architects in the development of Mabvuku and Tafara with major projects being in Mabvuku Mansions Housing Project and the Tafara-Caledonia Housing Project which are still ongoing with major projects for Herentals College Projects nation-wide and Kwik-Spar renovations in Harare CBD. He has worked with the Cosma Billa Design Studio in a multiple-shop project in Hatfield and a church project in Highfield.
Fanuel Tivaone (27) – Engineer
Mr. Tivaone holds a Bachelor of Engineering with the University of Zimbabwe and a member of the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers. He is responsible for the engineering designs of the Company in Industrial Projects and assists in the production of structural designs in the Company’s architectural arm.
Andrew Manezhu (25) – Associate Engineer
Mr. Manezhu holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering with the University of Zimbabwe and is a Graduate member of the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers. He is an associate of the company responsible for structural drawing and designs in the company’s projects.
Mehluli Tshuma (32 years)-Legal Director
Mr. Tshuma holds a Diploma in Law and an Honors Degree in Law with the University of Zimbabwe and is a Legal Prosecutor for the Ministry of Justice. He is the Legal Director of the Company and Division for the fulfillment of legal obligations in Zimbabwe.
Farai Mukudu (25 years)
Mr. Mukundu is the Company’s Accountant who completed his studies in Accounting with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Accounting with the Oxford University.
Mr. Eden Sigauke (27 years)
is responsible for the Information Systems Department of the Company. He holds a Masters Certificate in Information Systems from the Africa Virtual University at the University of Zimbabwe.

Name Email Contact Numbers
Denn Sigauke dennsigauke@gmail.com 0773 497 620
Eden Sigauke (Leahsoft IT) edensigauke@gmail.com 0774 380 682


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