Watfin Projects is a division in the Agrowater Corporation that was founded by Denn Sigauke and Bhekumthetho Ncube who are both graduates of the Midlands State University in 2005. The Company was then registered in October 2006 according to the Companies Act (24:03) with the Registrar of Companies in Bulawayo.
Watfin Projects is the Architectural and Quantity Surveying arm of the Agrowater Corporation. This division spearheads the development of infrastructure as a means to establish and complement the Architectural outlook and Infrastructure of the economy mainly in the urban areas moving towards the Agricultural areas.

To establish and complement the Architecture and Infrastructure of Zimbabwe spreading into the region and internationally.
Mission Statement
To manage Architectural Projects using expert and qualitative techniques for the establishment and complementing of modern architecture in Zimbabwe’s urban areas and Agricultural areas.
Company Values
Commitment, Integrity and Accountability.
Company Objectives
  • to spearhead architectural projects nationwide by 2015
  • to create viable agricultural infrastructure for agro-processing and value addition
  • to acquire and control a 30% stake in the housing market by 2012



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